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What's Included?
  • Watch the spectacular Kathakali performances.
  • Learn about stories from Indian mythology.
  • Observe the colorful clothes, jewelry, facial expression and more.

Watch Classical Kathakali Dance

Fascinating all spectators, especially dance enthusiasts since time unknown, the Kathakali Dance present a sight to behold. The intriguing Indian classical dance form is a distinctive way of storytelling. Narrating various incidents through a perfect mélange of expressions, moods coupled with footwork and postures, the dance form is beyond description.

Experience the temple art form of the 17th-century

Flourishing from the most picturesque state, Kerala, the Kathakali Dance presents athletic traditions of South India and the ancient Indian martial arts. Interestingly, the dance form is distinctive from others in a way that the actor-dancers focus exclusively on emoting the scene through dancing and acting. On the other hand, the voice artist concentrates on delivering the lines remarkably.

Another key point to note is that this dance-story-drama form includes traditional themes. These themes are based on legends, religious sagas, folklores, mythologies and spiritual concepts taken from the ‘Puranas’ and the Hindu epics.

Kathakali performance is surely a spectacle to behold

Elaborately colorful make-up, unique facemasks and vivid costumes add to the charm of Kathakali performance. Progressing in a particular sequence, the performance begins with artists warming up and tuning their instruments. This is followed by an abstract of the dance and finally a dance-drama. Reckoned as one of the most difficult styles to execute on stage, Kathakali commands dedicated hard-work of several years.

The spectacular performance complemented with lightings and music bringing alive innumerable characters from the notable legends and epics. It takes several hours to get ready for the final presentation. Traditionally, the dance was performed by male actors but with the passage of time, the dance form is witnessing active participation from women as well.

Where to go to learn Kathakali?

What’s better than tracing the roots of the dance form where it developed? Keeping this in mind, head towards the Kerala Kalamandalam which is a popular Kathakali school in the entire world. The school has managed to nurture the traditional art form of Kerala for almost a century. Marveling at the recitals offers an ethereal experience.

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