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7 Religious Places in Kerala grant divine blessings

Kerala proves its title of ‘God’s Own Country’ not just because of its paradisiacal beauty but also as a destination where different religions coexist peacefully. Temples, churches, mosques, gurudwara and monasteries dot Kerala. Religion is a way of life here. Ancient shrines, miraculous legends, spiritual bliss and true belief will lure you for a visit..

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8 Must Visit Places in Kerala during Winter

Land of everlasting bliss, Kerala, God’s Own Country is one of the best winter destinations in India. Blessed with tropical weather, the entire state is untouched by the brunt of winters. From the misty hill stations to the warm seashores, soothing backwaters to adventure packed wildlife sanctuaries, Kerala has a number of options to plan..

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Lesser-Known Stories of How 14 Kerala Towns Got Their Unique Names

Kerala, also known as God’s Own Country, allures tourists through its fascinating backwaters, Ayurveda, beaches, waterfalls and much more. However, have you ever pondered over the origin and history of Kerala’s name? The earliest mention of this region can be traced all the way back to 3rd century BCE on a rock inscription from the..

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