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Kerala Holiday Themes

Boundless joy is in store for all those who visit Kerala. The beautiful God's Own Country is the land of bliss. From scenic shores along the Arabian Sea to lush locales nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, untouched forests to the unique stretch of backwaters navigable by houseboats, there is much to wonder. The colorful culture, pampering Ayurveda treatments, delightful cuisines along with indulging hospitality makes for a lifetime experience. The cherished memories of a family vacation is as precious as a romantic honeymoon, while there is absolutely nothing better than Kerala to escape the chaos and soak the pleasure of nature.

Nestled between the cerulean spread of Arabian Sea and the range of Western Ghats, Kerala is among the most beautiful places in India. Due to its abundance of blessings of nature it is often compared to the like of heaven on Earth. So vast and diverse are its pleasures that it makes you feel thousands of different feelings and each one special in their own way.

Here you can boast of sailing over the ethereal backwaters on a lavish houseboat equipped with modern luxuries. The walk through the lush tea gardens is refreshing as is learning about the aromatic spices and herbs. The same ecstasy is felt while watching the sunset on a shore. Game drives to national parks and the bird sanctuaries bring you a little closer to nature. Ayurveda, unravels the ancient secrets to health and wellness with time-tested therapies and procedures. Dating back to centuries, the history and culture are equally mesmerizing. Be it the festivals, dance, martial arts, handicrafts to the mouthwatering cuisines, every aspect of the state is heavenly.

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