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Kerala Eco Tourism

The sector of eco -tourism is gaining a lot of momentum in the south Indian state of Kerala. Mainly because of its natural beauty and varied landscape, Kerala proves to be a perfect destination for eco-tourism. Kerala is not only a well-known tourist destination in India but it is  also one of the greenest ones and thus, eco-tourism has taken off in a big way here.

Kerala has a lot to offer with its coconut grove covered landscape, its shimmering paddy fields, waving banana plantations, and much more. The verdant green blanket of tea plantations, covering the hills form an amazing site and the banks of tranquil backwaters, flanked by Pandanus plants looks completely enchanting during backwater cruise. The lush Western Ghats, the forests, the Silent Valley, Thenmala, hill stations, wildlife sanctuaries and everything else in Kerala, become the perfect venues for eco-tourism.

Eco tourism is all about preserving nature and also promoting it. With unparalleled natural beauty and rich biodiversity, Kerala is just the perfect destination for nature enthusiasts. The extensive green stretch of Kerala, spread all around, is home to best of flora and fauna in the world.

You can do a lot when in Kerala. Enjoy the greenery of the rubber plantations and tea estates, take a walk on the streets, explore the wildlife, indulge in adventure activities and so on. The pleasant climate of Kerala is an additional bonus.

The main focus of Kerala eco-tourism is the promotion of its backwaters, hill station, rivers, beaches, rivers, parks, wildlife and local culture. Kerala becomes the hub of eco-tourism activity with backwater tour, hill station and plantation visits, bird watching, wildlife tours and more. Every year, a large number of tourists visit Kerala for the same. If you like to learn about the environment and like to stay close to it, visit Kerala.

One of the main highlights of Kerala eco tourism is Thenmala, India’s first planned eco-tourism destination. This unique eco tourism destination is around 72 away from Trivandrum.

Rubber Plantation

While travelling across the lush landscape of Kerala, one cannot miss the rubber plantations, covering acres of land. An important part of the economy of the state, they form a refreshing sight for the eyes of the onlooker. You can visit these Kerala rubber plantations to have a delightful experience. The calm and green ambiance of these plantations makes them them a perfect eco-tourism venue. Have a stay in a traditional farmhouse, have a nature walk,observe the butterflies and the birds. Rubber plantation was introduced by Dutch colonialists to Kerala.

Tea Plantation

Introduced by the British in India, tea plantations can be found in the hill ranges of the Western Ghats, in and around Munnar. The soil condition and the temperature of this south Indian state are perfect for the cultivation of tea. The tea plantations in Kerala are perfect in the form of an ecotourism destination in Kerala where tourists can take a walk, stay in the nearby mansions, relax in the amazing lush environment and more.

Spice plantation

Kerala is known for its spice plantation all around the world, from ancient times. The Portuguese, the French, The Dutch and the British, all fought to to have sole possession over the spice trade and spice plantation of Kerala. Spices of Kerala including pepper, cloves, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and more are used in cooking, desserts etc. all over the World. These spices also have medicinal value. You can simply take a walk in the green haven of spice plantations and breathe-in thearomatic air. They make a refreshing eco tourim option in Kerala.

Coffee Plantation

Kerala is popular for being one of India’s chief producers of coffee in regions like Travancore, Wayanad, Munnar, Nenmara, Nelliampathy, Vamdiperiyar, Kottayam and Palakkad. Robusta is that variety of coffee, which is cultivated here extensively. You can pay a visit to these plantations.

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