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Varkala Ayurveda

It will not be wrong to say that Kerala, in India, is the hub of all Ayurvedic activity. Varkala, near Thiruvananthapuram, a beautiful quaint town, is a perfect setting for a rejuvenating vacation.  The world knows Kerala for its Ayurvedic medicine. The pure nature setting of Varkala offers a huge variety of various kinds of medicinal plants and herbs. Even the climatic conditions are apt not only for getting your body cured through Ayurveda but also revitalizing your mind and soul as well. Varkala Ayurveda vacation is just the perfect way to enjoy the best of holistic health experience.

There are a large number of Ayurvedic spa centers and several Ayurvedic beach resorts in Varakala  that offer tourists some of the best and sought-after Ayurveda therapies and treatments. You can opt from a complete range of services, treatments, massages and therapies to relax all your senses but it is very important that you stay away from frauds. That is not all. You can also attend yoga and meditation session in the mornings and evenings during your stay in Varkala, either at the beach or the yoga centers.  This town also has a number of Yoga places as well.

The seaside town of Varkala offers a perfect setting for enjoying a relaxing holiday. The spa resorts and Ayurveda centers have special traditional treatment rooms, which are well-laden with treatment facilities where you will be treated traditional Ayurvedic manner. The treatments, therapies and massages are offered under proper medical guidance and control keeping in mind the condition of the individual. We have a team of expert Ayurveda doctors, practitioners, therapists and masseurs.

The therapies and treatments that are offered are on the line of 5000-yr old approach of Ayurveda, keeping the focus on indigenous Ayurvedic methods of bringing harmony between the body, the mind and the soul. During the massages and treatments only natural Ayurvedic plants, herbs and natural oils, powders or pastes are used.

In Varkala, like the other destinations of Kerala, the precious worth of the ancient knowledge of holistic measures of Ayurveda has been treasured, preserved and followed even now. Holistic health method follows the approach of cleansing your body body from within and not only your out body where you avail both harmony and health of soul as well as body. You are even given special Ayurvedic nutritional diet.  You can get tips from the experts so as how can maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay away from all kinds of body troubles.

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