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Kerala Backwaters

Kerala backwatersare the getaway to all things beautiful. It is like entering a new world where the hum-drum of life takes a back seat and all you experience is serenity. There can never be just one reason or one trip to let the mind mellow around the tropical landscapes encircling the graceful backwaters. But let’s begin from somewhere?

Outreaching the travelers with its 900 km network of lagoons, lakes, rivers, and canals, a Kerala backwaters tour is about living the good life. While the ‘ho hey’ of palm trees start by lighting up your mood, the slow pace of your Kerala backwaters houseboat will give you enough time to live every moment twice. Not only you get to embrace the open spaces beautified with nature, but also traverse through canals.

What’s interesting to know is that the backwaters in Kerala are the loving home to many villages. So you might also be lucky to spot quaint homes and pristine churches on the way. Besides, activities like farming, duck herding, and fishing are carried out along the backwaters.

Everywhere that you look, you will find something to melt your heart in an instant. All of which makes leaving this sublime setting so hard. But it’s you who decides how long you want to voyage, it can be for a few hours or last as long as a week. The best time to visit Kerala backwaters is between the months of August and March. Even the monsoon phase from June to August is a good time to relax with Ayurveda therapies and to watch the famous Snake boat races.

It wouldn’t be new to tell that the Kerala backwaters India is the essence of all the good things put together. So why sit back and miss out on something that can change your life over in a glimpse?

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