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Wildlife in Kasargod

The district of Kasargode has been blessed by a large variety of flora and fauna, which stays safely in the wildlife reserves of Kasargod. Every year, these wildlife sanctuaries are visited by a large number of natural enthusiasts. Following are the popular wildlife sanctuaries:

Ranipuram Wildlife sanctuary

This wildlife sanctuary of Kanhangad forest range is home to a vast variety of flora and fauna,  found only in the Western Ghats. This reserve merges into the Talacauvery wildlife sanctuary. The hill town of Ranipuram in Panathady reserve forest is a perfect place to intereact with the wildlife. In these Shola forests, you can spot animal species like jungle cats, elephants, wild boars, elephants, leopards, deer, Malabar civet cats, wild dogs, wild boars, macaques, a number of avifauna species, rare butterflies species. Some plants of the forest have medicinal plants.

Kammadam sacred grove wildlife sanctuary

Related with Bhagavathi temple, Kammadam kavu is known as the largest sacred grove of the south Indian state of Kerala. This rich forest consists of wildlife, verdant green forest, orchids, plants with medicinal properties, shrubs and more. Located around 25 km eastwards of Kanhagad town, this wildlie sanctuary is home to animals and birds like Jungle cat, monitor lizard, civets, fox, bats, snakes, several bird species and butterflies and more.

 Malom Wildlife Sanctuary

Malom reserve forest falling in the Kanhangad range comprises of tropical rainforest and is home to a number of animals species including slender loris, rhesus monkey, porcupine, wild pig, flying squirrels, as well as bird species such as peacock, Malabar hornbill and grey horn bill. This wildlife sanctuary, around 28 km eastwards of Kanhagad in Balal-kallar Panchayat, is reportedly home to snakes such as king cobras, cobras and  python.

 Adoor wildlife sanctuary

 Divided into fragmentation, Adoor reserve forest, spread in an area of 2 sq kms of the district of Kasargod, it is home to a numer of endangered animal and bird species such as Malabar horn bill, jungle cat, slender loris, peacock wild pig, porcupine, turtles and butterflies. Some of the plants of this wet evergreen forest have medicinal properties. Encroachment, illicit tree felling and hunting are major threats to this sanctuary. This wildlife reserve is around 35 km eastwards of Kasargod in Adoor-Kuttikol Panchayath.

 Parappa wildlife sanctuary

Parappa reserve sanctuary is a fragmented reserve forest in the Kanhangad range that houses jungle cats, slender loris, wild pig, porcupine, turtles, peacock, Malabar horn bill, butterflies, and  medicinal plants. The state is taking steps to stop poaching and hunting in this forest, which is situated at a distance of about 22 km east of the town of Chervathur.

 Kareem’s Forest park

Situated at Puliyamkulam, near Parappa, Kareem’s Forest Park is the country’s first private park, that was established by Abdul Kareem who is a resident of Kerala and is also an extremely hardworking environmental activist. He is working for this cause from past 28 years. Spread in 32 acres of land, the forest is rich in medicinal plants, various tree species, reptiles, insects, birds. Amphibians, mico organisms and more. This park is not only visited by leymen but is also visited bt scientists, environmentalists, Ayurveda students and so on. Around 23 kms eastwards of Kanjangad, this is an extremely popular park. Kareem is trying to transform waste lands into foests while keeping the costs low.

Thalangara Children's Park

Thalangara Children’s Park is situated at a distance of 4 km from the town of Kasargod, Thalangara West, right next to the Fishing Harbour. This park is home to a variety of birds, foxes and spotted snakes.

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