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Ayurveda in Palakkad

Ayurveda in Palakkad

It is no exaggeration that Ayurveda is the synonymous Kerala and its ancient healthcare methods. The city of Palakkad can rightly be considered as one of those places, which has held the real essence of following the traditional healthcare practice of Kerala- Ayurveda.  There are some places including the Kalari Kovilakam Palace (Kollengode) where Ayurveda therapies and treatments are offered without any kind of tampering in them. Once you opt for Ayurveda facilities in Palakkad, you can avail the benefits and services from different kinds of Ayurvedic therapies and the experienced medical practitioners. They assist you in picking-up such a package or chalk-out a suitable one for you, depending on your condition and your ailment so that you can get the best.

The whole scenic and refreshing scenery of Palakkad including the paddy fields and the pleasant climate are simply perfect for the tourists avail all the benefits of this holistic health care system and feel completely relaxation. Visiting Palakkad for Ayurveda surely proves to be a delightful experience. You can bring-in a perfect harmony between your mind, body and soul.

The treatments, therapies and treatments of Ayurveda aim to offer you a completely healthy you. They try to remove all kinds of toxins present in your mind and body. The methods and procedures have been established to bring equilibrium in three humors - Vata, Pittha and Kapha.

Ayurveda treatments and therapies in Palakkad are mainly segregated into 8 divisions, which are inclusive of massages with medicated oil, preventive such as curative purification process whwre wet herbs juice, herbal medicines, ghee preparations, medicated butter, Kalka (herbal pastes), medicated oils, Kashayams (herbal decoctions),  Arishtams(fermented preparations) etc are used.

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