8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Set amid the bliss of Western Ghats, Wayanad is one of the most popular holiday destinations in in Kerala and also India. Surrounded by lush greenery of forests, plummeting valleys, roaring waterfalls, thriving wildlife and more, the charming town acts as a therapy for the weary body, mind and soul.

Named among the most gorgeous hill stations in South India, Wayanad is one of the year-long favorite to escape the plains and bask in the bliss of nature. To accommodate the crowds of visitors, the hill town has several charming options for stay. From charming cottages to luxury resorts, from treehouse to homestays, holidays in Wayanad are made all the more special with their extensive options.

Selecting the right kind of accommodation in Wayanad is absolutely necessary, as it sets the mood for your vacation. Here is a list of 8 beautiful Cottages in Wayanad that offer an unforgettable stay.

1. Vyithri Village

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Unmatched harmony in essence, Vyithri Village Resort is spread over 22 acres of refreshing greenery. The 5-star luxury resort offers not just a pleasant stay, but the bliss of nature, aroma of spices, coffee and tea, along with experience of village life. Honeymoon couples in Kerala are absolutely thrilled as the resort presents some of the best cottages in Wayanad.

Equipped with all contemporary facilities, each accommodation has its typical character. The delights do not end here, there are an options to get pampered with Ayurveda therapies or other rejuvenating sciences at the spa. Inspired from healing, promoting wellness, there are inclusive treatments designed for individuals. Yoga in the lush environs furthers your blissful stay.

Sightseeing, trekking and several adventure activities invites you to relax, revitalize and refresh at Vythiri Village Resort. Treat yourself at the themed multi-cuisine restaurants. To mix business with leisure, on-site are facilities of a conference centre.

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2. Wayanad Silver Woods

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Snuggled in the lap of Banasura hills overlooking the cerulean spread of Banasura Sagar, Wayanad Silver Woods is a luxury resort in the charming hill town. Spread over sprawling area of 16 acres, the resort is nestled amid lush tropical forest, mist-clad hills, myriad flora and fauna, gushing mountain streams, cascading waterfalls and abundant blessings of nature.

The lavish resort has 5 categories of villas, each of them having luxury amenities, overlooking the nearby blissful beauty. These individual cottages are truly unrivalled in bliss. Adhering to eco-friendly measures, the resort stressing on nature and its conservation.

Inspired from nature is the resort’s Ayurvedic Spa where ancient traditions of Ayurveda are practiced for the harmony of the senses, mind and body. Massages, rituals, wellness therapies, yoga and meditation practices enhance the bliss. Infinity pool, fitness centre, convention centre and multi-cuisine restaurants serving lip-smacking dishes, Continental, Mughlai, North Indian and South Indian delights.

3. Tree Houses at Pepper Trail

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Adding an extra star to the pleasure of Wayanad holiday is a stay at Tree Houses at Pepper Trail. Built on the strong arms of ancient trees, almost 40 feet above the ground, the Tree Houses are beautiful natural lodgings. Delight in the experience of staying in the tree, high above the ground, enveloped in a rare kind of natural bliss.

Settled amid a plantation, the resort also has a number of cottages at the ground level too. The tree cottages are truly delights. Climb up to the platform that lets you revel in the bliss of the scenery or simply enjoy the calls of nature. Cottages enjoy cozy beds, simple yet effective furnishings, attached bathrooms, and many other facilities.

From fresh traditional cookery of Kerala, delightful sightseeing, adventure activities and more, Pepper Trail offers a relaxing getaway. Come with family, friends or honeymoon, the delight is unmatched.

4. Coffee County Resorts

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

If your idea of holiday is a mix of luxury as well as natural environs, then the Coffee County Resorts in Wayanad serves the very purpose. Offering the ideal setup for a memorable holiday, the resort is perfect for getaway in natural bliss of Kerala.

Spread over 80acres, the luxury resort enjoying the bliss of Kerala’s favorite hill town has cottages high above the ground amid lush tree tops. Built of rosewood and bamboo, the cottage imitate the experience of tree houses though quite stably built on the ground. Luxuries are not amiss in the simple yet charming l0dgings. Each of the cottage opens up to the breathtaking views of the panorama. Rooms come equipped with attached bathrooms that also have the facility of a private plunge pool.

New experiences with your loved ones await at the Coffee Country Resort. Savor mouthwatering food, go sightseeing, and embark on trekking and other adventure activities.

5. Ayurveda Yoga Villa

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Located in the middle of forest on the banks of River Kabini, Ayurveda Yoga Villa is one of the best resorts in Wayanad. Practicing the ancient tradition of holistic healing of Ayurveda, the resort focuses on providing you with only the best experiences of wellness. The spa resort is known for traditional Ayurvedic therapies, yoga and meditation to heal, rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

The environs of the resort is unrivalled. Hera the melody of the flowing Kabini River nearby as well as calls of the wild. The serene bliss seems to work best for Ayurveda. The charming mud cottages are equipped with en suite bathroom, balconies that open up to the picturesque views of the river and forests, private gardens and modern day requirements.

Stay at the Ayurveda Yoga Villa will change you completely. You will be rejuvenated by the treatments, the pure food, blessed air and the cordial hospitality.

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6. Jungle Retreat Wayanad

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Jungle Retreat in Wayanad is one of the reasons why Kerala is blessed with memorable holidays. The 10 acre farm is settled in the middle of jungle on all sides. It is an ideal escape for wildlife and nature lovers offering all-day jungle treks and wildlife safari drives in Wayanad and Nagarhole. Watch animals graze in meadows or come for a drink in the watering-hole from your comfortable lodgings.

The cottages of the Jungle Retreat are settled in meadows and beautiful locales without much disturbance to the jungle environs and wildlife that frequent the area. There are options for solo backpacker, couples, and families. Cottages have access to large private sun-deck, balconies, attached bathrooms with running water, electricity and other basic necessities.

The retreat is a tryst with nature and on the same note, nature loving tribals look after the meals, sightseeing and excursions in the forests.

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7. Banasura Hill Resort

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Banasura Hill Resort stands on the brink of the Banasura Sagar Dam, the largest earthen dam in the world. Surrounded by the misty Banasura Hills, this resort is built using the same mud excavated to build the dam. The rustic bliss of the resort enamors all.

Nestled in the emerald landscape, spread across 35 acres, the resort combines luxury with serene nature and has been fondly named ‘Heaven made from Earth’. Named among the best cottages in Wayanad, the lodgings match up to its reputation. They are lavish as well as eco-friendly, crafted from mud in traditional architecture. Perfect for a stay with family, friends or your partner, enjoy a peaceful break.

The Banasura resort enjoys not just beauty, but proximity to Western Ghats listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site, Banasura Falls, tea gardens, forests and so much more. Pamper yourself at the Ayurveda centre where traditional therapies rejuvenate your senses. Treat your taste buds to mouthwatering flavors of Kerala at the bamboo restaurant.

8. Haritagiri Hotel & Ayurvedic Village

8 Best Cottages in Wayanad for a Memorable Stay

Enjoying the prime location of the pristine natural beauty of Western Ghats, Haritagiri Hotel and Ayurvedic Village offers charming cottages for vacations in Wayanad. Away from the hustle-bustle of cities, noise and pollution, the resort lies amid bamboo and other exotic spices. Lodgings are charming with a mix of rustic touch and modern day conveniences.

Wake up to the call of birds, breathe in the fresh breeze of the hills and savor the simple pleasures of life. Treat your taste buds with gourmet experiences at lavish restaurants that serve delicious food from all over the world including drinks and not just the specialties of Kerala. The premises also have swimming pool, game courts, conference centre and other facilities. Ayurveda works its magic like no other at Haritagiri. Trained professionals of Ayurveda diagnose your problem and plan out a treatment that works best to harmonize you sense with nature.

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